If I were to ask 100 people this question, I would probably get 100 different answers because success is as varied as the individual answering the question.  True success is not defined by external factors – it is defined from within.

One major life lesson I have learned is that no one can define success for me.  I must do it myself.  Regardless of what society, the media, family, friends, co-workers, or colleagues say, I am the one who has the final word.  When I learned to own my identity and control my words, thoughts, actions, behaviors, attitude, and beliefs, I experienced a major life shift that was more powerful than anything I could ever imagine.

For many years, I was defined by others and validated by things.  But when I released the hold external “things” had on my life, I learned why I am here.  I was not born by accident.  There is an assignment that belongs to me and only I can carry it out.   We are all born with assignments, and when we discover what it is, our entire life will shift, change, and re-arrange.  Our mindset will no longer focus on superficial tangible things.  Our attitude, outlook, perspective, and energy level will shift.  We no longer have the victim mentality.  We suddenly realize why all the painful life experiences happened in their sequential order.   The puzzle pieces will begin to align and the image and vision for your life will become clear.  As you begin to see the vision, you will embrace it, embody it, and become it.  As you become one with the vision, your wisdom will begin to align with your beliefs, thoughts, and actions.  Then you will begin to go about your business of carrying out your own unique life assignment.

Living your purpose is the most powerful and successful accomplishment you could ever have.  It gives your life meaning, fulfillment, joy, peace, and happiness that you cannot get from any external source.  You shift from being self-conscious to self-confident. The light that shines within you will align with the universe, and everything you need will be supplied.  As obstacles enter your life, you will connect to your inner voice and receive the answers.  You will never be alone.  This is when you begin to know that success happens IN you before it happens TO you.  Once you’ve made this life-changing discovery, you can now help others along the critical life journey of self-discovery.  This is a journey we must all travel alone.  There will be mentors, coaches, visionaries, and luminaries along the way to inspire, motivate, and elevate.  But the journey belongs to you.

As we continue on our journey, there will be naysayers, obstacles, and even failures.  But failure isn’t final – it is feedback.  You will strive to be better each day along your journey.  Don’t’ allow fear to control you because F.E.A.R is simply Failure Expected and Received.

So I ask; how do you define success?

Article by: Cathy Holloway Hill




Copyright © Cathy Holloway Hill, Psychologist, Career and Life Strategist

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