We are very familiar with the term “Good Old Boy Network”.  This is an exclusive network of business men that will do whatever it takes to pull their “exclusive members” up into the upper echelon of executive management.  This is one of the most important reasons why women should make it part of their career strategy to join as many women networking groups as possible.

Approximately 75% of new business is acquired through referrals or relationship building. Also, it is one of the best cost-effective ways of building your business.  There are a tremendous amount of women networking organizations available anxiously seeking new members in an effort to gain exposure and grow their businesses.

Business networking is the single most effective way to not only meet new contacts that share your vision and mission but it is also an excellent method for meeting new people that may become lifelong friends.  Research shows that women have an edge in relationship building, and in my opinion, business networking gives women a definite advantage and opportunity to advance in their careers.  The only problem is that women are not as apt to join networking groups as businessmen.  The reason could be attributed to many factors; i.e., available time, balancing career requirements and family needs, etc.

Not only do I recommend business network for women, but I would go one step further and say make it a point to attend at least two networking events per month.  Connecting with business women globally has offered me the opportunity to connect with professional and brilliant women who have helped me grow my business and learn valuable tools and methods to move me into a higher level of entrepreneurship. This networking tool offers a tremendous amount of resources and knowledge.

So whether you are trying to put together a business strategy, develop your networking skills, or seek advice on growing your business, networking is definitely a must in moving toward your ultimate goal of SUCCESS!

Article written by Cathy Holloway Hill


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